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Newick has celebrated 'The Fifth' for at least 150 years, a custom upheld since 1936 by Newick Bonfire Society. Today's events enjoy a countywide reputation and are organised by Newick Bonfire Society Limited, a non-profit making company limited by guarantee.

Newick Bonfire Night is financed by fundraising and subscription. Subscribers receive regular newsletters, badges, entry to the Fancy Dress competitions and may attend the Society A.G.M. To support or take part in our activities, choose your subscription as outlined below:

FULL MEMBER Company Membership for adult participants. Subscription £13.00
JUNIOR MEMBER For subscribers and participants aged under 4-17 Subscription £6
  For subscribers and participants aged under 0-3 Subscription £3
VICE-PRESIDENT For individuals and family subscribers. Includes free programme featuring printed acknowledgement Minimum subscription £12.50 (single), £25 (family)

You can download and print the membership forms here:
Membership form (for new and existing members)

For further details e-mail

Thank you for your support.

Knitting a Newick Bonfire Society Smuggler Jumper

You can use any pattern for a round necked jumper. Most people choose drop sleeves. Its a good idea to knit it at least a size larger than normal so it can be worn over another jumper in cold weather.

All the ribbing should be black and then stripes of 20 rows bright red and 20 rows black.

The front and back should be lengthened by an extra two or more stripes so it can be worn tunic style with a sash.

Examples can be seen in the Gallery.


The hat is knitted from a normal hat pattern in the same stripes as the jumper.

Follow the instructions for decreasing until the diameter is about the size of a tennis ball then knit straight for about a foot (30cm). Continue decreasing as usual.