The Torch Team provides the magnificent torches that light up the streets of Newick via the torch procession during our Bonfire celebrations.  They form an integral part of the evening and members of the team work tirelessly to ensure enough torches are provided around the village for members of Newick Bonfire Society and the visiting societies.

For the Torch Team, the work will usually start on the first weekend of September when the process of cutting the torch sticks begins.  Newick Bonfire Society still use traditionally cut and made torches of hazel which is coppiced from a number of locations around the village.  In the following weeks until the end of October members of the team will spend every Sunday morning coppicing, cutting hessian sack, and then wrapping the torches and securing with wire.  A slow but essential task to ensure the safety of all participants.

Finally on the Friday and Saturday of our celebrations, the torches, along with all banners, are ‘dipped’ in a mixture of oil and then allowed to drain to ensure that the whole village lights up on the night.

The Torch Team is one of the largest teams involved in Bonfire night and, with lots of jobs to do, is often the easiest place to start if you are looking to get more actively involved in the Bonfire preparations.  There is often hard physical work involved but also plenty of lighter tasks and the team is sustained by a supply of cake, bacon rolls, tea and coffee.  It’s rewarding and sociable work and a fantastic opportunity for the whole family to get involved.  No previous experience is required and a warm welcome to new participants is assured.

For more information, contact the Captain of Torches, Simon Henkel, via the Secretary.