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Newick has celebrated ‘The Fifth’ for at least 150 years.  Since 1936 the bonfire celebrations have been organised by Newick Bonfire Society and enjoy a countywide reputation as one of the best and most traditional events in Sussex. 

Newick Bonfire Society Limited is a non-profit organisation.  Our bonfire night is financed by fundraising, membership subscriptions and the kind generosity of our Vice Presidents

To support or take part in our activities, choose your subscription as outlined below:

Full MemberCompany Membership for adult participants.Subscription £13
Junior MemberFor subscribers and participants aged under 18Subscription £6
Vice-presidentFor individuals and family subscribers. Includes free programme featuring printed acknowledgement.Minimum subscription £12.50 (single), £25 (family)

You can download and print the membership forms here:
Membership form

For further details e-mail

Thank you for your support!