Day Membership? Vice President? Full membership?

We often get asked about the different types of membership of the society. Day membership includes entry to our Fancy Dress Competition and entitles you to walk in the Processions on Newick Bonfire Night, provided you are wearing a costume made from non-flammable materials. This also includes all necessary insurance so is great value for your evening’s entertainment. To become a Day Member you need to purchase a Supporters Badge available from local shops and pubs on or before Newick Bonfire Night. The cost of these badges has remained the same for many years but has just increased to £2.50.

We keep the cost of Day Membership low because we like to see as many people as possible in our Fancy Dress Competition and Processions but would like to remind you that for a minimum donation of £12.50 per person (£25 per family) per year you can become a Vice President with all the benefits of Day Membership plus occasional newsletters and a complimentary Programme featuring your name as a printed acknowledgement. VPs are highly valued financial supporters and are not expected to help in any other way. 

Of course if you would like to help with preparations and fund raising and/or visit other societies’ bonfire nights we would love to welcome you as a Full Member. There are many different jobs so come along and join the team. We especially want to attract some more younger members as some of us are not finding the physical tasks as easy as we did! Adults pay £13 per year and under 18 years £6 (must be accompanied by an adult member at all times).

Lately our fund raising events have been less well supported so we are relying even more on membership revenue. The Village Green gives our night a unique atmosphere but is a public space and we are unable to charge admission fees so we would like to encourage all residents of Newick and everyone that visits and enjoys the amazing spectacle that is Newick Bonfire Night to pay for their evening by becoming Vice Presidents or Full Members. For details see the Join Us page!